Why iOTA?

The Internet of Things brings many challenges. Security is one of the main topics. That is why ICT Automatisering (ICT) partners with companies like Intel® for our iOTA Gateway and Microsoft for our iOTA Core. Partnering with these companies provide ICT leverage on all fronts.


ICT is a member of the Intel® Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Alliance, see our press release. With this partnership we can extend our iOTA offering. Intel®’s IoT platform will be used as a solution for challenges like security, manageability and reliability. The collaborative solution is an end-to-end solution which comprises an iOTA gateway service within the iOTA hardware solution and a back office within the iOTA Core. The iOTA hardware by default is an off-the-shelf product running the Intel® IoT Gateway. Alongside, our iOTA gateway services connecting managed objects (like appliances, sensors and embedded devices) through the internet to the iOTA Core, leveraging several services.

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ICT brings a combined Intel® solution to the market. Therefore the Intel Technology Provider partnership brings us the possibility to highlight ICT’s solution iOTA. Intel recognize this combined value proposition we have together. Therefore Intel wrote a case study together with ICT about Predictive Services and the Intel® IoT Gateway.

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Crucial by leveraging our iOTA Predictive service solutions is a Cloud environment. ICT chose for Azure as their public Cloud provider. ICT is an Azure Circle partner, a recognition from Microsoft meaning that ICT has the ability to develop successful solutions. Our Predictive Services are leveraged to our customers in a subscription-based license using SAAS. Our iOTA Core is completely build in Microsoft Azure.

As a founder of PowerMatching City, ICT Automatisering plays an essential role in the development of Smart Grids and in the transition towards a sustainable energy system. The PowerMatching City project demo is now showcasing a live Smart Grid at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Brussels (Belgium). 

The key challenge for the energy network is to become smart and able to handle flexibility in demand and production. Taking into account the rising demand for electricity, and consumers who increasingly provide in their own energy supply, it is evident that Smart Grids will take an essential position in our future energy system. All energy related devices are inter-connected in the Smart Grid. The Cloud based iOTA Solution developed by ICT is offering the functionality to address these needs.

With Microsoft choice of selecting PowerMatching City to highlight implemented groundbreaking technologies in the Public Sector, Cloud and Interoperability, ICT Automatisering provided a source of inspiration for potential solutions.

PowerMatching City project is one of our examples of the Predictive Services solution iOTA. ICT Automatisering is hosting executive roundtables along with guided tours at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center (EBC). Please send us an email, if you like to join: Predictive.Services@ict.nl.

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