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The Internet of Things is becoming reality at a rapid pace. Many objects in the real world can be connected to the Internet. ICT Automatisering (ICT) has introduced the iOTA Solution for managing these connected objects. Our strategy with iOTA is to bring the three pillars together into a holistic solution to unleash real customer value:

Connect the device  Manage the device  Turn data into actionable information

Traditionally connecting sensors and devices to your business applications takes a lot of effort. ICT simplified this process by bundling the software and communication infrastructure to only one piece. This could result in services like:


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Customers can use iOTA to gather data about their operations, optimizing corrective and preventative maintenance, improving system uptime, enhancing service availability, and prolonging equipment lifetime.


Predictive Diagnostics

Predictive Diagnostics

Customers can use data gathered during maintenance and held within the system to retain, extend, and enhance the expertise of their workforces.


Predictive Marketing

Predictive Marketing

Customers can use data to identify how equipment is used in production and use the insight for more relevant and accurate product development.

  • Frits Bliek, Program coordinator

    PowerMatching City

    "The cloud based solution developed by ICT for PowerMatching City provides the secure connectivity and intelligence that energy networks need to flexibly match demand and production."

  • Kees Wiegers, owner and CEO


    "Our cloud-based solution based on ICT’s iOTA platform. This has resulted in a low cost and easy to use environment, which can be offered as a service (SAAS model) to hospitals and blood transfusion centers around the world."

  • Hans de Boer, CEO


    "We selected ICT because of their knowledge of smart energy, cloud sourcing and the automotive industry, as well as their embedded expertise."

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